Eew! Your Bag is Fake: Common Accusations


This is probably the worst experience you’d ever get if you own an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. People tend to accuse you of carrying a fake, and those accusations come from people who really know nothing about the brand. That sucks isn’t it? So I’ve made this little something for your reading pleasure.

Common Fake Accusations from delusional LV “Experts” Wannabee

Situation 1: You are strolling at the mall, looking for something to buy and of course carrying your beloved LV bag that your boyfriend bought you for your birthday. You found what you’re looking for and went to the cashier to pay for it. In the queue, you hear people behind your back talking about you and your bag.

LV Expert Wannabee #1: Eew, that’s just so totally gross. Her bag is definitely fake. I can tell by the way the monogram patterns are placed. Look, It’s upside down! Yuck!

Of course it’s upside down… you’re carrying your Monogram Speedy 25. Duh. You ignore them ranting about your “fake” bag and paid for the item you bought.

Situation 2: The next day, you are at Starbucks to have a quick meeting with your client. You’re carrying an LV bag that you’ve bought two days ago. While waiting for the client to arrive, you hear somebody talking b*tch about you. You looked around and saw a two women, they we’re probably mother-daughter.

Daughter aka LV Expert Wannabee #2: Mom, look at that thing she’s carrying. The LVs are smudged all over the place. Fake alert!

Mother aka LV Expert Wannabee #3: Haha, that’s so ugly. Fakes nowadays are very creative! Don’t worry hon, someday I will buy you a Lewis Vitton but for now, just enjoy your Sanrio Hello Kitty.

They have no idea what they’re talking about. Of course the LVs are smudged coz you’re carrying your new Exotic Watercolor Papillon Frame. Your client arrived and complemented your bag. You started the meeting ignoring the two b*tches behind your back.

Situation 3: You attended you friend’s birthday party where there are only 3 people you know, others are complete strangers. You and your friends sat at the bar drinking and talking about anything. You are carrying your most favorite bag. Then the unthinkable happened. A woman came to you and said something.

Woman aka LV Expert Wannabee #4: Hi, I’m Tess. I would just like to ask where you bought your bag. It’s so cute! Is it Class-A?

You we’re a little bit drunk and you are in rage. Your conscience tells you to Eliminate Her! Eliminate Her! Eliminate Her! You covered your Sunset Boulevard with your friend’s hankerchief and slapped it hard on the womans face. It was so hard that your bag was deformed. Nah, just kidding. Haha. You told the woman that your bag is not fake and you bought it at the Louis Vuitton mothership in Champs-Élysées. Congratulations, you handled the situation well.

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  • kenny

    Haha! This is really funny! Situation 2 cracked me up! You’ve got to make more of these..

  • Anonymous

    “Don’t worry hon, someday I will buy you a Lewis Vitton but for now, just enjoy your Sanrio Hello Kitty.”

    Lolz! Funny!

  • Cindy

    This is very funny! Thanks a lot for cheering me up!

  • tashaLV

    So funny.. lol.. I loved it all.. Those moments are priceless.. especially the third one.. Haha..

    “It was so hard that your bag was deformed”

  • VickArnomy

    Eliminate Her! Haha!

  • Anonymous

    This is so true!

  • oskarsobsession

    hahhaha that wus the funniest thing.
    i was at the airport about 2 weeks ago with
    my monogramouflage keepall and some
    dumb broad came to me and said to her girlfriend
    behind me outloud that its terrible to carry
    such a bag that was never even made.
    so i turned and looked at her luggage.
    looked at her and smiled 😀

  • Anonymous

    I am deeply touched. Someone actually decided to honour fake bag carriers with a blog post.

    Viva le Fake! I carry one too and it is fabulous!@

  • RhoRho

    Oh my gosh…i have a situation that i need help ASAP… What do you do if a guy you been talking to for 2 months bought u a fake LV purse…you know it fake because you been eying the real one for couple months now… Not only did he buy you a fake LV bag but also a fake Chanel wallet as well.. he thinks hes the man now cuz he know you really wanted it and THINKS HE got it for you… Now he keeps asking when u gonna wear the bag and you know girls gonna be jealous of your bag…. WHAT DO I DO? TELL HIM IT FAKE? I NOT SURE IF HE KNOWS WHAT HE GAVE TO ME IS FAKE…HELP PLZ