How To Pronounce Louis Vuitton Bag Names

Most of us don’t have a French subject in school and honestly, it’s really hard to pronounce a french word. Others tend to say Louis Vuitton as Lewis Viton which is really funny if you know how to pronounce it right. To prevent an embarrassing pronunciation experience, watch this video:

Names in order: Louis Vuitton, Damier, Vernis, Mini Lin, Multicolore, Mahina, Epi, Suhali, Nomade, Tahitiennes, Olympe, Shearling, Mini Lin Croisette, Rubis, Tissé, Bonbon, Motard, Watercolor, Galliera, Montorgueil, Palermo, Speedy, Tivoli, Alma, Popincourt, Batignolles, Cabas Piano, Deauville, Trouville, Sac Plat, Boulogne, Tulum, Noé, Trocadéro, Amazone, Danube, Griet, Cabas Mezzo, Papillon, Sac Bosphore, Saumur, Nil, Pegase, Abbesses, Sologne, Musette, Reporter, Nice, Ellipse, Pochette, Pochette Florentine, Saleya, Duomo, Trevi, Ribera, Ravello, Naviglio, Bastille, Sabana, Chelsea, Belem, Melville, Illovo, Musette, Olav, Bellevue, Reade, Sac à Dos, Saumur, Jasmine, Passy, Soufflot, Bourget, Pont-Neuf, Monceau, Pochette Accessoires, Le Superbe, Le Confident, Le Précieux, Le Talentueux, Le Fabuleux, L’Ingénieux, Aumônière Multicolore, Rayures, Papillon Frame, Jamais.



  • kristine

    Thanks a lot! Your video is very helpful. You’re my hero!

  • jasmineC

    Thank you so much for this video.. I now know how to pronounce Montorgueil! Yey!

  • Anonymous

    I love it! Thanks a lot! xoxo..

  • AGentlRose

    Thanks so much. I have a Trouville and am going to the Louis Vuitton store to buy a shoulder strap for it as well as a new Louis Vuitton Totally bag. At least I'll not fear misprouncing my Trouville.

  • Anonymous

    i have this Louis Vuitton purse, but i dont know which type it is, because none of the purses on your video look like mine, nor have i found it elsewhere on the internet and I'm trying to see how much its worth, this video was helpful

  • Anonymous

    Hi! So I'm turning 21 at the end of the month and I'm purchasing my first louis v sometime before my birthday… I've always wanted a speedy35. However, I've been uncertain because I often see louis bags that are not on the official site.

    Initially, I'm wondering if there are other places/sites that sell louis bags besides the official store? …preferably stores with a good range of bags. Thanks!

    • T

      fashionphile and purseforum are two, but both sell preowned. If you want new and for sure real, you’ll have to go to a LV boutique or to the online store.