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Men’s Fall/Winter 2008 show last January 17 was very special. It was the debut of the newest variation of the legendary Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas pattern; the Damier Graphite. 120 years ago, Louis Vuitton created and introduced the Damier Canvas to foil imitators. Back in 1996, Louis Vuitton reintroduced the Damier Canvas immediately building a significant business, the checkered pattern now accounts for one third of the label’s bag and accessory business. Now, the Damier has been refurbished, it’s colors tweaked and it’s unleashed in a range of guy-friendly styles in August, and you’ve never seen grown men lust after an It bag like they did after the said show.

As we all know, the original Damier pattern looks like a checkerboard with brown colors. But the Damier Graphite has this black-grey/dark bluish color scheme that looks really masculine and indeniably posh. “Turns out graphite is the new black,” said Godfrey Deeny of FashionWireDaily, “at least at Louis Vuitton which kicked off the men’s fall 2008 season with a stylish and urbane collection featuring a major new product category – Damier Graphite.”

“Graphite gives things a more masculine image and finish. Paul did an amazing job introducing all the possibilities it offered,” Jacobs told FWD post show, as he posed for photos with Bernard Arnault, president of the giant French luxury conglomerate LVMH, whose crown jewel is Vuitton.

“We are going to put Damier Graphite in every store. We are expecting great things,” Arnault smiled.

– FashionWireDaily

The Damier Graphite is some sort of response to the Damier Azur, another variation of the Damier canvas in white-blue color tones. Louis Vuitton heard the men all over the world as they plea for an all-out men’s bag line. Now here they are, fresh from the runway of Vuitton. Warning: Sexy bags ahead, proceed with caution… click click click!


Boys, wipe your drool! Haha, these bags will be availabe as a permanent product line this August. UPDATE: I found some photos of the Damier Graphite Keepall, view it here! To know more about the Damier Graphite or anything about Louis Vuitton, you may want to subscribe to the feed or register for updates by email.

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  • Anonymous

    My local LV store sold out of them, but there are TWO LV Damier Graphite Keepalls for sale on Ebay right now, and I want them both! The seller posted like a zillion pics, even of the inner serial number, and the bag looks even more beautiful in “real life” pics. Now if I can just get my husband to believe me when I tell him I want to buy both because that way we won’t have to share…lol!