Louis Vuitton Soundwalk

Louis Vuitton Soundwalk

Travel books are so part of the history. After their famous trunks and fancy travel books and notebooks, luxury brand Louis Vuitton has clearly mastered the art of the jet set. But this time, they are doing something new and innovative. To be able to go along with the digital age, Louis Vuitton will launch its first MP3 audio city guide called Louis Vuitton Soundwalk; a series of downloadable audio guides for mobile phone and MP3 players. which features three Chinese cities; Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. To know more about this amazing new feature, read this:

The Louis Vuitton MP3 audio guide, is a unique cutting-edge audio guide, produced in collaboration with Soundwalk, that offers you a vibrant portrayal of three Chinese cities – Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai – following the footsteps of three greatest icons of Chinese Cinema: Gong Li for Beijing, Shu Qi for Hong Kong and Joan Chen for Shanghai.

Each hour long soundwalk is perfectly synchronized with the itenerary, accompanied by the signature sounds of the city. The Louis Vuitton Soundwalk is an innovative concept for urban strolls. One which renews the art of travel.

Adapted to the needs of today’s international traveller, it can be downloaded in a few clicks, on all MP3 players, anywhere in the world on this website: louisvuittonsoundwalk.com.

Each MP3 audio city guide costs $17 each and can be downloaded at louisvuittonsoundwalk.com. I’ve found some interesting bits and pieces from the website; a trailer, a story, and an actress.


The Story


At the Central Academy of Drama, long ago in Beijing, a young girl and her classmate performed “Love in a Fallen City”, a tragic tale about a couple whose fate is connected by war.

Now as a grown woman and successful actress, Gong Li returns to tell us a time in history, when she and her young companion were unable to separate their character’s destinies from their own. Through a nostalgic journey that blurs the line between fact and fiction, the winding lanes of an ancient city becomes the stage of her life story.

Characters from Beijing’s past return to tell stories somewhere between the truth and the imagined.

Beijing City – Trailer


The Story


Actor and director Joan Chen takes us through the neighborhood of her youth, Shanghai’s French Concession of the 1960’s.

Walking through the tangled alleys of Shanghai’s old quarters, we relieve the memories of her youth and hear her rousing tale of forbidded love.As a teenager, Joan Chen’s family moved to the United States just as the Cultural Revolution was taking hold.

Many of her friends had been sent to the countryside. Now she returns, not only to revisit her beloved city but to answer questions that hasn’t been able to resolve in al her years abroad.

A bittersweet romance rendered impossible tricks of fate. A journey through the alleyways brims with the magic of everyday life.

Shanghai City – Trailer


The Story


Actress Shu Qi takes us on a colorful journey, wandering deep into the heart of Hong Kong. Behind the ultra-modern landscape, hidden beneath the shadows of progress and limitless skyscrapers lies another world… and a peculiar love story.

Seduced by his charms, Shu Qi follows a handsome, mysterious, young man on a path that leads us through secret gardens and hidden passageways. Along the way, he reveals a marvelous and tragic story. Peeling away the layers of perception, he sees to have the power to make time stand still, offering Shu Qi a voyage conflicted with beauty and chaos, similar to her feeling toward the stranger.

A man she’s known so briefly fades away just as she starts to fall in love with him. She asks herself if this man is real or not since Hong Kong can be full of ghosts.

Hong Kong City – Trailer


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    LV has a really good timing. They’ve set to release this audio guide just in time before the Beijing Olympics starts.. Very good marketing tactic!