LVoe Letters

Here’s how to send in your LVoe Letter:

Step 1: Strike a Pose!
Take a snapshot of yourself, or your LV bags, or your pets holding the LVoe Letter. If you’re wondering what a LVoe Letter is, it’s a piece of paper that has “I LVoe LV” written on it. Be sure to have fun! We all like creative photos, right?!

Step 2: Send it in!
Send in your photos to this email address: and I will immediately upload it in my Flickr Account and post it here in I LVOE LV after a few days. Be sure to include your name and city/country!

It’s easy right?! Even if you have or don’t have an LV bag/accessory, as long as you have the love for LV, you are welcome to send in your photos!

Image via Louis Vuitton