Bengt and I LVOE LV Featured at Styleranking

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Friederike Bulbeck from and she said that she’d interview me for their site which is based in Germany. And I was like so shocked! I have never imagined that my blabbing even made it to Germany. It was a really awkward moment. Then a few days later, he gave me the questions and I gave it back after a few days. My reply was quite really lengthy coz I set up my mind that It would be the only interview I would be having, so I’d take the most out of it! I think I did well and I hope Germany won’t find me boring.. haha!

Bengt and I LVOE LV Featured at Styleranking

They’ve translated the interview in German but you can still read other parts of it coz it’s in English. If you’d use Google Translator, translation would be so crappy, it doesn’t seem right, haha! I hope Google would perfect their translator service soon! Anyway, here’s me featured in

UPDATE: OMG, I’m so sorry Friederike, all this time I thought you’re a guy! Haha.. I’ve already changed the he’s to she’s. Thanks to Roland from Styleranking for the correction! Much love!



  • Roland

    Hey Bengt, the translation was made by an studied english-german-translator 😉 – and friederike is a girl 😉 😉 we’re proud you gave us the interview. all the best from düsseldorf/germany – roland from styleranking

  • Friederike

    Hehe Bengt, yes, I am a girl. But no worries…hehe. But no prob, really. My name is a REALLY german name, so you could know it better 😉 H & K

  • Friederike

    OMG….what happened with my english. But I guess you know what I meant, do you?…hehe

  • Bengt

    ^ Thanks Friederike! Yup I did get what you mean.. 😀 Thanks so much for the interview! I really appreciate it!

  • Honey

    Wow Bengt, congratulations! I hope French Vogue would also feature you! Haha.. 😀

  • Friederike

    Yup, that will be Bengts next step! You´re great Bengt. Lots of Love from germany! We are your biggest fans 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Hi Bengt! Wishing you a very happy birthday. LOL! I hope you could buy a bag from LV soon or any item that’s from LV.