First Look: Damier Graphite Tadao

The Damier Graphite Tadao! Next month would be the official release of the Damier Graphite pieces. Please do subscribe to recieve more updates. But as of now, let’s enjoy this breathtaking photo of LVMode’s bag.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Tadao

I’d be posting details about the Damier Graphite collection when the items are released. I can’t wait ’till August!

UPDATE: The Tadao is officially released! Check it out here!

Image via LVMode from tPF



  • hertzo

    It’s insanely gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    The photo is amazing.. I love the gray clouds, fits perfectly with the black-grey bag

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got to have one of these beauties..

  • Anonymous

    I already bought it week ago and love, love it!