I Made Another Blog!

Catalogue de Mode

I would just like to tell you that I just made another blog last night! Yay, I’m so happy ‘coz it’s really hard for me to make a new one coz I’m afraid I might focus on the new one and forget about the old one. No way I’m forgetting about I LVOE LV, It’s my passion and we would never grow apart. My new blog is called Catalogue de Mode, It’s a fashion blog that sets the men and women’s fashion trend. I can’t explain it much furthur coz it’ll ruin the excitement. Just go and visit Catalogue de Mode and please do comment. It’s also updated more that five times a day so you may want to subscribe to the feed. I hope you would support Catalogue de Mode as much as you supported I LVOE LV.

Long live fashionistas!



  • Kevs

    Wow, you really have a good taste! I love your new blog!