Jonas Brothers Loves Louis Vuitton

Actually, it’s just Kevin Jonas who always carries his traveling buddy, the Messenger GM Bosphore in Monogram Canvas. I give him a two-thumbs up! He’s got a really great style!

Louis Vuitton Messenger GM Bosphore

Messenger GM Bosphore is a really comfortable and versatile bag. Put all your junk in, sling it on your shoulder and you’re ready to go! And I think that’s why Kevin loves his LV Messenger bag.

Jonas Brothers loves Louis Vuitton
Jonas Brothers loves Louis Vuitton
Jonas Brothers loves Louis Vuitton

Looks good on him don’t you think? The Messenger GM Bosphore in Monogram Canvas costs $1,080 and is available in eLuxury, and in Louis Vuitton boutiques near you.



  • paolo

    Kevin = Bosphore Messenger
    Joe = Gucci Messenger
    Nick = Taiga Alexander
    Mom = Prada

    loves it!

  • Joe Fanatic

    ^ I don’t think Nick’s carrying a Louis Vuitton Taiga Alexander..

    Taiga Alexander doesn’t have a flap..

  • freshmess

    Love these boys’ sense of style.

  • Future Mrs. Jonas


  • Nicky

    Nick’s so fit! Love him so much! I love Kevin and Joe too but Nick’s my prince charming! Lol

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking forever to find out what kind of bag Nick is carrying. Anyone know?

  • Bengt

    ^ Nick’s bag is really hard to identify.. If the bag only faced front, it would have been much easier..

  • Anonymous

    Nick’s bag is a Louis Vuitton Taiga Alexei color Grizzli…

  • Bengt

    ^ Yeah, you’re right! Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    you can see right behind him is nick with his taiga alexie

  • muy feas las fotos