Louis Vuitton Brown Watercolor Speedy

If you loved the white Watercolor Speedy, then you’ll love this even more! Introducing the Watercolor Speedy… in Brown canvas! It’s just perfect!

White Watercolor Speedy owners worry that their bags would look tacky if worn during Fall and Winter and having a brown one would just make their day. And it just did! Louis Vuitton has just released the brown version that looks so yummy, you want to eat it! I’m still not sure with the price but if you do, please let me know!

Louis Vuitton Brown Watercolor Speedy
Louis Vuitton Brown Watercolor Speedy

I’m still gathering some info about this wonderful bag, but if you’re dying to have one, contact your nearest Louis Vuitton Store and ask if they have this in their stock. Good luck on your hunting! I almost forgot, thanks to minismurf04 for these images of her Watercolor Speedy.

UPDATE: More info about the Watercolor Speedy now available!

Image via minismurf04

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  • amy

    It’s cute but I like the White WC more..