Louis Vuitton Cabas Soana

Men’s Spring-Summer 2008 runway show was like ages ago but until now, I’m still lusting for the Cabas Soana. Argh! I hate it when I’m like emotionally ready to have a Vuitton but the only thing that’s not ready are my finances. It’s horrible! I hate it to the maximum!

Louis Vuitton Cabas Soana

The Cabas Soana is inspired by an island in the Caribbean and is known for it’s softness and durability because its made from luxurious Kangaroo leather. But that’s not it, the inside of the bag is also very cool ‘coz it’s lining is made of Damier nylon. Polished brass pieces also adds spice to the Cabas Soana.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Soana

The bag is really spacious, it measures 13″ x 15.5″ x 4.7″. I think a laptop can fit into it. Cool huh?! I dunno why I’m very attracted to this bag, I just have no idea! I think it’s because of the leather coz it looks ragged and very masculine but it also looks very chic.

The Cabas Soana is available at eLuxury and Louis Vuitton for $1,850. If you really want to have this bag, hurry up coz nowadays, it’s really rare and the Spring 2009 bags are also coming. Good luck!

Images via men.style.com and Louis Vuitton

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  • freshmess

    The Cabas Soana is really a greatlooking bag! I saw it IRL in Venice and it’s really niiice!

  • Anonymous

    I like the brown one.

  • drew

    I’ve gotta have this bag!

  • graphite

    I'm selling mine on Fashionphile! Anyone want it?

    • AT

      is it sold now? i can’t find it listed on fashionphile.

  • I still have dreams about this bag!