Louis Vuitton Cadence Sneaker in Calf Leather

Louis Vuitton Cadence Sneaker in Calf Leather

Men who loves the outdoors will definitely die to have one of these (not me, I don’t like the going outside!). Presenting the newest sneakers from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2008 Collection; the Cadence in Calf Leather. These original outdoor sneaker boots feature an array of distinctive details, including an embossed Damier pattern and a two-tone vintage-look sole. The colors really respect the season, very trendy and at the same time, yummy! I dunno why but I think of chocolates when I see a Damier… watcha think?

The Cadence comes with a second pair of laces in amber color (somewhat orangey-yellowy sort of color). These Sneakers comes in two types, the Boot (high-cut) and the low-cut. Both looking great, you’ve definitely got to have one. Prices? High-cut: $725, Low-cut: $665. They’re not available online so stand up and drive yourself to a Louis Vuitton botique!

Images via Louis Vuitton

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