Louis Vuitton Chaine Grelots Keyholder

Louis Vuitton Chaine Grelots Keyholder

Do you love dressing up your bags? Well well, you’ve come to the right place! The original and fun Chaine Grelots Keyholder faithfully respects the colors of the Monogram Multicolore canvas so it would look really nice if paired with a MC bag but it can also be attached to any bags you prefer. This stunning luxurious key holder is made from fine gold pieces, resin, and golden brass. The charms in the key holder consists of a golden brass sphere engraved with quatrefoil flowers, resin spheres with two thin golden rings and of course, Mini Grelots with a soft clinking sound. It also has two golden brass plates with the Louis Vuitton signature and a golden LV monogram. So all in all, you’d get 15 charms in one key holder!

The main issue in this key holder is it’s clinking sound, others say it’s too loud it’s like you’re selling ice cream. But that’s not true, I heard it myself and it’s not that loud. Actually, it’s really soft and not irritating. Interested? The Chaine Grelots Keyholder costs $435 online at eLuxury and offline at your favorite Louis Vuitton boutique.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous

    its so cute!

  • Opal

    I have this accessory! It’s really nice.. I often use it as a bracelet.. its really very cute