Louis Vuitton Firebird

Louis Vuitton Firebird

I’ve been analyzing my blog analytics when I found out that the top 2 Louis Vuitton searches are the Monogramouflage and the Firebird. So why are people querying about these two unique and creative bags? The Monogramouflage gained it’s media success by being posted in almost every fashion blog in the world. It’s just phenomenal! Who would’ve thought that Louis Vuitton would be selling Limited Edition Camouflage bags? Then there’s the Firebird, I think it became popular because of the movie Sex and the City. The bag that Carrie gave to “Saint” Louise is in fact a runway prototype of the Firebird.

The Firebird bag is part of the Spring 2008 Monogram Motard Collection along with the Afterdark, Beforedark and the Minaudière. It’s the only day bag in the collection and also the most expensive (in the whole season, I think). The Firebird was born from the collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince, the Firebird represents the essence of the artist. Hand-held and featuring the Monogram pattern, it offers ample space. It’s made from Monogram Motard leather, velvet trimmings, silk lining which makes the bag really luxurious and elegant. But did you know that the Firebird comes in many colors and varieties? It’s like a pizza that has different toppings.

Louis Vuitton Firebird in Neon Noir

The one we saw at Sex and the City was a Neon Noir Firebird, it’s recognizable neon colors stand out along with its buttons/stones/oblong things in the front side part. Another type of Firebird also exists, the Pastel Firebird in which it’s colors are based on it’s namesake. Then there’s the Cartoon Firebird, the most luxurios of them all. It’s made of pony hair (yes a pony, nyeehaw!) that is laser-etched to have it’s distinct Monogram pattern; it’s one of the most exquisite creation using new technology. The cartoon drawing in the Firebird that was an art by Richard Prince were made from exquisite handmade embroidery, beads and/or crystals which literally sparkles when hit by light.

A group of Louis Vuitton Firebird

To sum it up, the Firebird has this non-traditional, avant-garde design. Very unique and innovative. You won’t be able to see something that looks or feels like it. So with that avant-garde design in mind, one would expect to hear negative comments and reactions from time to time. It’s part of the avant-garde experience! Lots of photos after the jump.. click click click!


These photos are borrowed from tPF members GayleLV and H2girl. H2girl owns 4 Firebirds; a Neon Noir, Pastel, Teal Cartoon, and Fuschia Cartoon. Wow! Her collection is out of control!


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  • Unessa

    I love the Firebird!! It’s so cool..

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! That’s so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah! Very very nice!! Yellow, pink, green… so beautiful together!!!!

  • LVMode

    I just saw the Vuitton of the Day is the yellow Cartoon Firebird.

    WOW, great choice Bengt. xxx

  • Bengt

    ^ Yeah, and I used your catalogue pic.. 😀

    Its just so beautiful.. Its definitely worthy of Vuitton of the Year award.. Haha..