Louis Vuitton Kampen, Germany Store

Louis Vuitton Kampen, Germany Store

I totally love the Louis Vuitton store in Kampen, Germany. It’s like a luxury boutique specially designed for fairy tale characters. I won’t be shocked if Snow White and her seven dwarfs would jump out straight at me if I go inside! Haha. But it’s not only the appearance that’s special about this store… did you know that the Kampen Store is closed from mid-January to mid-March?! Crazy huh?! But that’s not it, the store is also closed for the whole month of November! So that’s three months of annual vacation for the SA’s. Cool!


Tel: (49) 46 51 45 566
Fax: (49) 46 51 41 237

In this store, you will find:

  • Leather Goods
  • Women’s Shoes

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