Louis Vuitton Papillon Square Scarf

Louis Vuitton Papillon Square Scarf in White

We’ve known the Papillon bag since like forever, it’s one of Louis Vuitton’s iconic pieces that still lives today. Twiggy loved it since 1967 and up to now, Louis Vuitton fans all over the world are still using this lovely bag. But this year, a new Papillon arrives, and it’s not a bag.

The Papillon Square is a very feminine silk twill square scarf that is printed with delicate Monogram flower motifs and dancing butterflies. If you ask why butterflies, well in French, a Papillon is a butterfly. Now you know!

This square scarf is made of 100% silk and has hand-finished rolled edges. It measures 35.4″ x 35.4″ which is a very generous size. The Papillon Square comes in three colors; White, Black and Violet, and are all available at eLuxury and Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide for only $290.00.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Camille

    This is so cute!