Louis Vuitton Trevi

The Trevi is probably the most sophisticated looking bag from Louis Vuitton. The Trevi’s design combines the classic Damier canvas and pleats to subtly contrast its rounded, generous look. It comes in two sizes, PM (13.4″ x 9.4″ x 5.9″) and GM (16.1″ x 11.8″ x 7.9″) and is only available in Damier canvas. There have been reports that a Monogram canvas version of the Trevi is in the works, however it should remain very much in the rumor category for now until there’s a final confirmation from Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Trevi

The Trevi has smooth leather handles, straps and trimmings which is very comfortable to carry handheld or in the shoulder. The leather straps are adjustable and removable making the Trevi a very versatile bag. It’s golden brass pieces also serves as accents which makes the bag more visually appealing. The inside is very spacious, it has internal patch pocket and cell phone compartment and is lined with high quality red microfiber. The bottom of the Trevi has base studs for extra protection against dreadful surface scratches.

Random Fact: Did you know that the Trevi is named after the famous fountain in Rome called Fontana di Trevi which is the most ambitious of the Baroque fountains of Rome? Now you know!

There have been concerns that the Trevi’s zipper is extremely stiff and the opening doesn’t open up that much. My advice is that use candle to wax the zipper so that it would be more easier to open and close, it’s safe and it won’t damage your article. As for the opening, it’s really not that much of a problem. It’s part of the Trevi’s beauty!

I’d say that the Trevi is definitely worth it. It’s a worry-free bag. No vachetta to think about and it’s absolutely gorgeous! The Trevi PM costs $1,590, and the GM costs $1,940. They’re available online at eLuxury and offline at your favorite Louis Vuitton boutique. If you want to see more photos of the Trevi, there are tons after the jump!

Louis Vuitton Trevi
Louis Vuitton Trevi
Louis Vuitton Trevi

Images via Becca4277 and sparklemint from tPF

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  • Anonymous


  • Gina

    i have this bag and i enjoy it very much! it’s really very beautiful and it’s worth the $$

  • Anna

    I never regret that I bought this bag. Its very classy and sophisticated, it’s definitely my style. I love my Trevi!

  • Anonymous

    My husband bought me this bag today. I was with him, got too excited and didn’t fully inspect the bag while we were at the store.
    I was so surprised that the tag inside says “Made in USA.” I’m honestly disappointed, or maybe too naive to think that all LVs are made in Paris.
    Just a quick poll, would you guys mind if your LV is made in the US or from any of their workshops outside France?


    • kampong

      Hi Nina

      Frankly speaking i love to buy a bag ” made in USA ” instead of ” made in China ” 🙂 ….i am from Europe and most of the LV bags that i purchased are either made in spain or mde in France. I would love to have one made in USA hehehe…..x so no worries and enjoy you baby trevi PM. The only bag i bought in Burberry store in Switzeland was made in China :(…i was extreamly dissapointed for not checking before purchased :(I then call to London Burberry shop and ask if the bag is authentic and she said to me everything is authentic as long as i buy in the Burberry Butique and they do have factory in China and some of their products are made in China !!!!….I really don’t feel good although is a genuine shoulder bag but just because of “made in china ” errrhhh anyway…i will be careful in the future x

  • Bengt

    ^ To Nina:

    Hi. Congratulations on your Trevi, it’s a really beautiful bag and you will absolutely love it.

    About your question, apart from France, Louis Vuitton also has ateliers/workshops in Spain and U.S.A. That’s because the demand for LV has increased this past few years and France can’t supply all the products by themself. Although it’s made from U.S.A (or Spain), your LV is still made by topnotch craftsmen using the same high-quality materials used by the ateliers in France. So, there’s nothing to worry about.. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Bengt! I took my trevi out last night and loved it even more. It doesnt matter where it’s made, it is one beautiful LV.

  • Bengt

    Wow, Nina, you sound like you had a really great time! Congratulations again on your Trevi. It’s in my top 3 list of the most beautiful LV bags.. 😀

  • hi


    Does Trevi have another colour?…I mean damier azur.


  • Bengt

    @ Hi: Hey, The Trevi is only available in Ebene but you can request for a special order and have the Trevi in Damier Azur. But the price would be tripled though..

  • hi

    wow!triple…then i wl just hv the d/canvas, niway damier canvas won’t easily get dirty.


  • Anonymous

    I like Ebene over azur as it is more timeless and much user friendly as no vachestta to worry about. I never like the dark honey tone of the vachestta though many people say it looks warmer when it turns darker over time. I am also looking into buying a Trevi PM for the holiday, the GM, which what I currently own is a bit large for daily use. AS far as the differences between “made in France” and “made in USA”. Honestly, I am not very picky about where the bags were made, but it is true the quality is just so different on those made in USA. They are still very durable, but when it comes to repair, boy, the repair done in France is far much better in quality than those done in the USA.

  • 27dresses

    The less pricey items from LV are made in Spain whereas the more expensive higher end items are made in Paris. To maintain and protect their brand, their items are only made in these 2 places.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have a lady that is willing to sell me her Trevi GM for $1000–is that a good price. She says it’s real and she has proof of purchase–I haven’t seen it yet, but i’m going to see it in person b4 I buy it (if I do). Can you guys please give me things to look for to know it’s real ‘cuz I’m scared!! I need a list!! Like I hear only fakes have swade inside? I also hear that even fakes have modle numbers, but the fakes modle numbers all seem to begin with N so maybe the real ones dont?? IDK HELP!! PLEASE!!
    Thanks soo much to anyone that replys!

    • Cadence

      Hi. Who is that lady who is selling the Trevi GM to you? Can i get it from that lady? Please reply me at wellowpolkadots@gmail.com or you can contact me at 91265332 thank you

      • Trevi GM for sale

        Hi! Are you still intrested in a Trevi GM? I would like to sell mine.

        • cielo

          how much ?? u selling ur trevi

        • Michelle

          Are you still selling this bag?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I just bought a Trevi gm last Saturday wich I looove by the way. Since I baught it in an LV boutique when asked to inspect it I didn’t bother because I assumed it was in excellent new condition. When I got home and started to look at it I spotted a tiny scratch on the hardware at the bottom. The thought of it being one of the returned bags crossed my mind, but my husband said that if all 4 hardwares at the bottom were scratched that would be more obvious.. Did any of you go through something similar or am I just over inspecting???

  • Bengt

    ^ Hi, I think the bottom studs are susceptible to scratches coz its the ones whose protecting the canvas of the bag. But if you’re really uncomfortable with the scratches, you could always go back at your store to ask for a replacement but at the end of the day, those bottom studs will then get scratched when you put down the bag at surfaces.


  • Bubbles

    I really love this bag! I just bought it about a month ago and it goes with everything! It is so sophisticated and my favorite Louis bag thus far!

  • kikay

    im planning to buy trevi bag.. don't know which is better the gm or pm? can u help me pls..

  • heleen

    pm looks great, i bought it yesterday. was planning to go for the gm, because i thought it would make my but look smaller – but it looked a bit like a travel bag.
    pm goes with almost every outfit and upgrades every look, wheater you were a classy expensive outfit or a simple shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops.

  • Anonymous

    hi Bengt ..why does people say make in USA ae ripped off o could be of a fake.

    I had one nevefull made in usa bought from costa mesa. The trimming on the top part has crinkles. is that normal ? after like cary it about 5 times.

  • Samantha Koh

    Really like this bag, but I'm 24. Do you think it will suit me? Would probably be going for the PM one.

  • Anonymous

    hi does it have a d-ring cuz mine doesn't have one..

    • Che

      according to louis vuitton..the first batch of Trevis wasnt made with a D ring, also the date code on the inside right corner pocket.. depends on which way the bag is facing u..its for warehouse purposes only..they cant even look it up to verify if they made it or not..so with out a receipt no one can really tell you if its real or not

  • carryinluxurystyle

    Yes come with D ring in side. I bought mine from boutique

    • Maxie

      HOw about LV Trevi PM,is there any D ring inside?also the extra strap,is it any embossed LV?please let me know,thanks

  • Anonymous

    – I received a trevi gm bag as a gift and how do I know if it's fake or real? Is there a serial number engraved somewhere? Help!

  • loren2110

    Hello! I'm going to purchase my first LV. I'm in love with this Trevi damier but it's quite pricey and with the amount, I can buy a speedy and neverfull already. Any suggestions? should I just get the Trevi or get the speedy and the neverfull?

  • merieny

    Hi, I have an LV trevi PM in monogram canvass bought in Bloomingdales in VA last year. The manager said that somebody ordered but end up not buying the whole order. They only have 10 pcs and they ended up distributing these 10 to high end stores. I am very proud that i own one of the rare kind. I really enjoy my Louis bag.

  • Hi all
    I own Travi pm damier canvas for a years now and love it so much. I got it from portland lv boutique. I did notice i had problem with its narrow opening and also chain is too tight to close and when i bought it I though i will use it everyday but instead its my party/dinners or special occassions bag. It look very sophisticated with every dress that you wear. With my indian costumes it looks even more beautiful. But believe me you can take it anywear and wear anywhere it just totally awesome. For daily wear i recently bought mm willshire from Lv.com. On website i selecte US so not sure from where my bag willbe shipped or where it will be made.
    It says it will arrive in 3-5 days cant wait.

  • weng

    I have a trevi from my boyfriend. He paid $1300 from a friend. Everything is fine. and I was worried thinking that it’s fake because the zipper is extremely stiff but after reading this I think it’s a big relief for me.

  • Kaemi

    I just bought a Trevi Gm for about $2800 including tax. But when I checked it, it was made in USA. I would have preferred to say made in France but it’s a gorgeous bag. I’m thinking about taking it back to Bloomingdales and get the one that says made in France. What do you guys think?