LouisVuitton.com’s New Catalog Navigation

I just checked out Louis Vuitton’s website and I found something new with their catalog navigation. If you click a product, a larger product information sheet appears which is more roomy not unlike the old version wherein the detail page takes only half of the page.

LouisVuitton.com's New Catalog Navigation

Another great feature with the new navigation is that there’s a link thingy at the top which is like a sitemap navigation or something. It’s very useful coz it’s much easier to jump back to where you first landed. For example, you chose to go to the Women’s Category, then you clicked Wallets & Small Leather Goods Category, then you wanted to have a look at the Monogramouflage iPhone Case. Then you want to jump back to the Womens Category, all you have to do is to click Women at the sitemap navigation thingy and poof! It’s cool huh!

LouisVuitton.com's New Catalog Navigation

The next feature in LV’s new catalog navigation is their product zoom feature. Before, when you select a product, there’s an animation thingy that focuses on the item, zooms in and out and stuff but lacks the Zoom Function. Now, they’ve added it! If you click the zoom at the bottom left part of the product detail, you’d go to another full page screen wherein you can zoom in and out and see the product more closely than before. But I just wished that they didn’t get rid of the animation, but it’s still cool.

LouisVuitton.com's New Catalog Navigation

Visit Louis Vuitton’s website to experience the new exciting features!

UPDATE: There are some items that are still animated. I’m not sure it LV would animate all their products. I’ll update you soon.

Images via Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip! I’d be heading to the LV site now!

  • Daphne

    I like the new navigation! It’s much more easier!

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I love your blog! Thanks for the tip!