Louis Vuitton Suhali Clutch

This sexy clutch made from supple Suhali goatskin is inspired by the understated curved shape of the iconic Lockit bag, and to meliorate it’s Lockit-ness, the Suhali Cluch even has this golden brass padlock which makes it worthy being called as the Lockit Clutch (nicknamed by me of course!). The Lockit Suhali Clutch is very refined and functional and has this really sharp details making it perfect for a day to evening use, it’s comes in two colors; Black and White.

Louis Vuitton Suhali Clutch
Detail shot of the Louis Vuitton Suhali Clutch

The Suhali Clutch is available at eLuxury and/or at a Louis Vuitton boutique for $1,040 and is one of the newest additions to the Suhali Leather collection. The others are the Le Majestueux and the Le Radieux. If you want to borrow these images, please do have a link back to this post. It’s just a simple way of saying thank you.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous

    It really do look like the Lockit.. It’s gorgeous…

  • Anonymous

    who makes a replica for this bag? A GOOD replica?

  • Kitch

    ^ Only losers want replica..