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LVoe Letter #4: Mattie LVoes LV!

Watercolor LVoe from Manila, Philippines! Mattie’s White Watercolor Speedy has just arrived and I’ve got the chance to view it first (?). I would like to say thank you so […]

In Photos: Louis Vuitton at Comme des Garcons

I’ve found these images at Louis Vuitton Japan, but unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese so I have no idea what the featurette is about. The only thing I can read […]

Ring the Alarm! Louis Vuitton Robbery!

Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue, New York. Window display. [enlarge] As what I’ve said in my interview for Styleranking few weeks ago, since I was a kid, I really dream of […]

Praline and Brown: New Inclusion Colors

This just in! The Praline and Brown are the 2 new colors are added to the Monogram Inclusion line of fancy jewelry which includes the Small and Large Bracelets, Ring, […]

Grey and Mordore: New Mahina XL Colors

This just in! Mahina XL in Bronze is out but two new colors come in replacement; the Grey and Mordore! The Grey looks like mud, very yummy and chocolatey while […]

Louis Vuitton Alzer

If somebody asks me what is my dream Louis Vuitton piece, i’d definitely shout ALZER at the top of my lungs up to the point that I can’t breath! Yeah, […]

Slideshow: Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall 2008 Bags

Image via Technorati Tags: louis vuitton fall 2008 ilvoelv © I LVOE LV

V Magazine Spring 2008 Editorial: Bag Ladies

I just came home from paying the internet bills and I’m so cheesed off. I just went there for nothing coz the office is closed! I hate paying bills. Anyway, […]