Ashlee Simpson and Ruffa Gutierrez are Mancrazy

Who wears the Mancrazy better? Ashlee Simpson or Ruffa Gutierrez?

Ashlee Simpson Mancrazy
Ruffa Gutierrez Mancrazy

Who who?! Comment in who’s werking it! Learn more about the Mancrazy and other Monogram Jokes Bags here!



  • Cristine

    Ashlee rocks it! Why does Ruffa’s Mancrazy look small?

  • Anonymous

    Both of them looks good with the Mancrazy.. I like them both!

  • Bengt

    To Cristine:

    I think the Mancrazy looks small on Ruffa coz she’s a big and tall woman. And the bag is also slouched.. ;p

  • ayer

    Is Anabelle carrying a Chanel?

  • Bengt

    To ayer:

    Yup! It’s a Chanel, but I’m not sure about it’s name.

  • Anonymous

    Ruffa’s smile is so fake.. GOod thing the bag is authentic! lol

  • selene

    Does anyone know what hoodie Pete’s wearing?

  • fc*k

    Who is Ruffa Gutierrez? It seems like i’m the only one who doesn’t know..

  • Mara

    ^ She’s a filipina celebrity.. She’s also a former beauty queen, actress and model..