Bengt Conseils #1: What to Buy With $1000?

Bengt Conseils #1: What to Buy With $1000?

Here’s the first Bengt Conseils mail that I recieved last week. It’s from Mae who have a dilemma on what bag to buy with a thousand bucks. Here’s her mail:

Hi Bengt!

I love your blog and I find it really informative, thanks for keeping I LVOE LV alive! Anyway, I would just like to ask your opinion on my dilemma of sort. Hmm, here’s the thing. I’m a college student and I’m planning to buy my first LV to use it as my school bag. Unfortunately, I have a budget of only $1000 ‘coz I’ve used up my money for books and rent. What bags would you suggest with my limited budget? I really fancy Damier coz I think the Monogram is too flashy for me. Please help.. I will truly appreciate it.


Hi Mae, thanks for the mail. With your limited budget of $1000, you can have a lovely bag in a decent size. Here are the two bags i’ve picked for you: the Beaubourg in Damier Canvas and Neverfull MM in Monogram Canvas. I know you’ll be asking these questions:

Why Beaubourg in Damier Canvas?
I picked the Damier Beaubourg because I think that it’s a bag fit for a college student. Its a lovely shopper tote that measures 14.1″ x 14.9″ x 4.7″, pretty roomy and most importantly, a laptop can fit in! You won’t also have to worry about a vachetta coz this bag has none. So it’s a hassle free and ready-to-go bag. $865

Why Neverfull MM in Monogram Canvas?
I know you said that you don’t like the Monogram Canvas but as of now, the Neverfull only comes in Monogram. The Damier version has been released in Japan and Hawaii months ago but it’s not available in mainland USA until early spring next year. Anyway, the Neverfull is also a very nice bag and you can put lots of stuff in it. It’s spacious and very versatile. $700

Louis Vuitton Beaubourg in Damier CanvasLouis Vuitton Neverfull in Monogram Canvas

If you will buy any of the two bags I’ve suggested, you will still have extra money for a bandeau that would be a perfect accessory for your bag.I hope I helped you out in choosing your first LV. Please do let me know if you’ve made your decision! 😀

If any of you want to seek advice, you can visit Bengt Conseils to learn more!

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Mae

    Hi Bengt! Thanks for posting this! It’s indeed a real help. I’ve been thinking about the Beaubourg for quite some time now and I think I fancy it. But I really do like the shape of the Neverfull and I can’t wait that long for the Damier would be released. I’m a bit torn but I’m more inclined to the Beaubourg. Thanks so much for your advice and featuring me in your blog! I feel so popular! Haha..

    Much love,


  • Bengt

    ^ To Mae:

    You’re welcome Mae! I’m so glad i’ve been able to help. So, is it the Beaubourg then? I personally think that it’s a really cool bag. In fact, it’s in my wishlist (but in Monogram though)!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your suggestions, Bengt! I think both bags can handle the pressure and weight of school stuff and everyday use.

    I had the same budget concern earlier this year and I ended up getting the Hampstead PM. Although I don’t go to school anymore and have no need to lug around laptop or books, I still manage to fill this bag to its capacity. You gotta LVoe this brand for its durability 🙂


  • Bengt

    ^ To Nina:

    Hi Nina, It’s really good to hear about your bag. I was also gonna suggest Hampstead but with the recent price increase, Its beyond Mae’s budget.. 😀