I LVOE LV’s New Look

I haven’t planned this renovation at all. I just got tired of the old I LVOE LV template and felt that the blog deserves to have a new look! So after hours of copying, coding, analyzing and designing, this is what I’ve come up! A minimalist look for my blog, very professional looking which is what I have really wanted since ages ago. As of now, I’m still doing some tiny adjustments and stuff and the transformation will be totally completed tomorrow. Please comment in your opinions about the blog’s new look! I would truly appreciate it!

I LVOE LV's New Look

Anyway, I have a little announcement to make. Next week, something BIG will happen here in I LVOE LV. An exclusive interview, .com transition, and site merchandises! I’m so excited to tell you everything about it but for now my mouth’s supposed to be shut so no leaks, sorry! 😀

P.S. It’s August 16, where in the world are the Graphite bags?!
P.S.S. Special thanks to Amanda from Blogger Buster for this blog template!

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  • wendy

    I like the new look! It’s more fresh and feels so corporate! Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    love this new one.. more comfortable to the eyes..

  • Anonymous

    the blog header is so cool..

  • 866

    Very good design! I love it

  • Bengt

    Thanks so much guys! :p