List of Confirmed Damier Graphite Pieces

There have been many speculations about what pieces would be released under the Damier Graphite line. Infos have been very hazy and many are confused (including me) about why not all the products have been released on Graphite’s release date which was last August 15.

But now, Louis Vuitton has updated their website and made a Damier Graphite featurette which shows a really cool video called ‘The Damier Graphite Spirit‘, a photo gallery, and of course the Products. So, here’s the products that the Damier Graphite collection will offer you:

List of Confirmed Damier Graphite Pieces

Left to Right – Roadster, Tadao, Grimaud, Président, Keepall 55 Bandoulière, Jørn (coming soon)

List of Confirmed Damier Graphite Pieces

Left to Right – Pegase 60, Rem, Ieoh, Bandanas and Scarves (coming soon), Necktie (coming soon), Evasion Sunglasses and Case (coming soon), Multiple Wallet, Brazza Wallet, 6 Keys Holder, Card Holder, iPhone Case

List of Confirmed Damier Graphite Pieces

Left to Right – Boots, Renzo (coming soon), Sneakers, Agenda, Force Belt, LV Inventeur Belt, LV Cut Belt

So there you go! I never thought that they would be releasing an Agenda. I hate LV to death! Why did they make an Agenda!! I’m so gonna eat crackers for the rest of the year so that I can get one! It’s so stunning even from afar. Look! LV never disappoints!

Well, if you’re still hazy, here’s the summary of upcoming pieces from the Damier Graphite collection: Jørn, Renzo, Bandanas and Scarves, Necktie, Sunglasses, Sunglasses Case and Agendas.

I hope this post helps you on what Graphite to buy. Personally, I’m eying the Tadao, Renzo, Scarf, Brazza and the Agenda! Whew, I’d be broke if I’d buy ’em all! Tush..

UPDATE: Thanks to Jonathan from 2boys1blog for informing me that the Sunglasses and Case come together. It’s called the Evasion Sunglasses and you can see it here worn by Nicolas Duvauchelle for the Men’s Fall/Winter 2008 Catalogue.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Jonathan

    The sunglasses and the case come together, they’re called “Evasion” – they fold up and the case zips up around them 🙂

  • Bengt

    ^ Thanks for the tip! 😀

  • Anonymous


  • Bengt

    ^ Thanks for the info! 😀