Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite iPhone Case

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite iPhone Case

Hooray! When I first saw the Graphite bags at the Men’s Fall 08 show, I was wondering if LV would make small leather accessories specifically an iPhone Case in Damier Graphite canvas. Well, they did! The iPhone Case in Damier Graphite canvas, is the ultimate accessory for the urban man looking for functionality combined with sharp design, resistance and lightness. The case is open ended for increased practicality but there’s something unusual about this case… an iPhone 3G won’t fit in! I hope LV would fix this problem.

The Damier Graphite iPhone Case is now available online at louisvuitton.com and offline at Louis Vuitton boutiques for $250.

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • Glessie

    Really?! iPhone 3G won’t fit in this case?! Aww.. That’s so sad.. I was planning to buy this but knowing that it won’t fit, I might just get the Monogramoflage case..

    • blayze

      this guy is an idiot..the 3g will absoloutely fit in this case…i know because i have it..so dont listen to him he is 100 percent wrong

  • Bengt

    ^ To Gressie:

    Yup, the iPhone 3G would not fit this case coz this is designed for the first iPhone. The 3G version is thicker than the first one.. 🙁

    I do hope LV would redesign this iPhone case…

  • Anonymous

    This one’s hawt dude!

  • Anonymous

    I wanna buy this.. Even if I don’t have an iPhone! Lol..