Louis Vuitton Jokes Mancrazy

Nah, It’s confirmed! I’m diagnosed with ‘End of the Season Syndrome‘. It really sucks coz in the past few months, I’ve been ignoring the Spring 08 bags coz I was thinking that they’d still be there but now, I regret it! The bags has grown into me and I can’t imagine them being not available anymore. And the Mancrazy is one of the bags I’d miss the most.

My little sister is like 7 years old and she’s already addicted to LV! She’s always watching me while I’m blogging and looking though the online catalog that she even memorized the names of the bags! And when you ask her what’s her favorite, she’d reply ‘I’m crazy for Mancrazy!“, duh.. kinda cheesy but it’s a priceless answer for an unemployed kid in second grade. Lol..

Louis Vuitton Jokes Mancrazy

When I first saw the Jokes bags, I was like ‘are you serious?! Is that a bag?!’ But as the time goes by, the Mancrazy has grown into me. It’s a seriously gorgeous bag even though it has Jokes in it! The Mancrazy is part of the Monogram Jokes collection designed by the artist Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. And personally, from the four Jokes bags that came into production, the Mancrazy is my favorite. I’m really not sure with my reason but I think it’s the bag’s color and shape that makes me want to have one and display in a pedestal.

As what Richard Prince said in an interview, he had destroyed the iconic Monogram Canvas and made something out from it. With its acid colors like paint on the Monogram pattern, the Mancrazy bag is a real fashion accessory! It’s also very convenient, you can store lots of stuff in it because it has tons of compartments. It has the two wide independent zippered compartments, inside patch pocket in each compartment and a cell phone compartment. It also has a D-ring for attaching a cles, key holder or bag charm.

The Monogram Jokes Mancrazy measures 11″ x 9″ x 10.6″, and is available at Louis Vuitton for $2,820.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous

    hey blogger, great blog by the way!
    did you know, the mancrazy is still available !!!!?!?!?!
    email me if you wanna find out where!




  • Bengt

    ^ Hi Anonymous!

    I’m Bengt. 😀
    What do you mean? Would I email you If I want to know where or email you If you want to know where?