Louis Vuitton LV Cut Damier Belt

Louis Vuitton LV Cut Damier Belt

I see a trend in the Damier Graphite belts, they’re reversible. LV Cut Damier Belt is no exception, it’s Damier Graphite canvas on one side and smooth calf leather on the other. A truly useful spec for men on the go. This reversible belt sports a stylish brushed metal buckle signed with the minimalist LV monogram.

I totally love this belt, it’s super masculine, has an urban feel, and very ingenious because of it’s reversible feature. It costs $435 and is available online at louisvuitton.com and eLuxury and offline at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

Here’s a high quality photo of the LV Cut Damier Belt.

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • Anonymous

    I’m torn between the other belt.. Argh! Damier Graphite is making me insane! lol..