Louis Vuitton Names In Chinese

I’ve made this post because I’m bored very excited for next week’s Beijing Olympic Games! I can’t wait to see the Opening Ceremony, I’ve heard that it would be the best! Woo hoo! So here’s the Chinese names of random Louis Vuitton terms.

Louis Vuitton – 路易威登
Monogram Canvas – 会标画布
Watercolor – 水彩
Jokes – 笑话
Richard Prince – 理查德王子
Murakami – 村上
Marc Jacobs – 马克雅各布斯
Palermo – 巴勒莫
Treillis – 格子
Speedy – 迅速
Firebird – 火鸟
Saint Tropez – 圣特罗佩
Sac Plat – 国资委平台
Papillon – 蝴蝶
Batignolles – 巴提诺格里斯

So, that’s it for now. But there’s one last translation I would want to show you. I can’t help but try out my name: Bengt Enrique – 本特林克 恩里克. Cool!

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder what my name in chinese is… hmm..