LVoe Letter #2: Tita Vanessa LVoes LV!

Again, I received LVoe! And this time from Oslo, Norway! I’m so thankful to Tita Vanessa a.k.a. Biancaboo coz she’s sent me not one, but two stunning super-high resolution photos of her gorgeous bags! I LVoe you much much more Tita Vanessa!

I’ve cropped and resized her LVoe Letters coz if I won’t, her bags would cover my blog! Haha! Here’s her Louis Vuitton Griet Mirage. *drools*

Lvoe Letter #2: Tita Vanessa LVoes LV!

More drool-inducing photos after the jump! Jump!!

And beside the Griet, here’s the Mirage Speedy! Whoa… just whoa!

Lvoe Letter #2: Tita Vanessa LVoes LV!

And last but not the least, the most eye-catching photo of ’em all… the Vernis Alma in Pomme d’Amour!! Gaah!

Lvoe Letter #2: Tita Vanessa LVoes LV!

I can’t believe it! I mean, my name sat beside these gorgeous bags! Unbelievable! Again, thanks so much Tita Vanessa for these LVoe Letters! I absolutely love them!

I know you love LV and I know you love me too, send in your LVoe Letters to my email: Take a photo of yourself, your bag or your pet holding the LVoe Letter! Be creative!

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • Casey

    Wow bengt! That’s so cool!

  • C.K

    I’ll send you a lvoe letter bengt!! Haha! Post me in your blog ok?! lol

  • freshmess

    I’ve rubbed some of those bags, yeah. Hahaha! Great sign, biancaboo!