LVoe Letter #4: Mattie LVoes LV!

LVoe Letter #4: Mattie LVoes LV!

Watercolor LVoe from Manila, Philippines! Mattie’s White Watercolor Speedy has just arrived and I’ve got the chance to view it first (?). I would like to say thank you so much Mattie for the LVoe Letter! I LVoe you more!!

As of now, I’ve already received 9 LVoe Letters and counting! You can view my Flickr Photostream to have a sneek peek on the other photos that I would be posting in the coming days.

So here’s the Photo Count by country as of today:

  • USA – 3
  • Philippines – 2
  • Norway – 2
  • Singapore – 1
  • Canada – 1

Hey other countries?! Watcha doin’? Send me your LVoe Letters now! You can send them via my email address:! I can’t wait to feature them here in I LVOE LV!