Monogramouflage iPhone Case

Monogramouflage iPhone Case

Oooh, I totally love the Monogramouflage iPhone Case! It’s so fierce and it’s perfect for the stylish tech savvy! This iPhone case is part of the Monogramouflage collection that was shown at the Brooklyn Museum last June which is inspired by the work of the world famous contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami. This case is designed for classic iPods and iPhone but there are certain issues that the iPhone 3G won’t fit in the Monogramouflage iPhose Case coz the 3G version is a bit thicker than that of the classic one. But actually, it can fit! Just partly squeeze in the iPhone 3G into the case, then after few days, the case would loosen up a bit and it would be ready to hug the iPhone perfectly.

The Monogramouflage iPhone Case is available for only $280 at select Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide.

UPDATE: Louis Vuitton USA website has removed Monogramouflage iPhone Case from their catalog. I dunno what it means but I hope they would include the Monogramouflage into their permanent line. I want to have the iPhone Case and the Treillis! Please LV, please!

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • aaron

    Yeah! You’re right.. The 3G wont fit at first but later on, it will. I love my Monoflage case, it’s so trendy..