Preview Magazine: Louis Vuitton Trunks

This is the three-fold cover of the September 2007 issue of Preview, a fashion magazine based in the Philippines. The cover features thirteen of the Philippines’ top models in nude and posing along with nothing but Louis Vuitton trunks and bags. It’s a very timeless cover; without the benefit of clothes to put it in a clear period context, I can imagine someone 40 years from now having a hard time deciding if this was shot in 1907, 1957, or 2007. In my list of favorite magazine covers, this one’s made it into my top 5, hands down!

Preview Magazine: Louis Vuitton Trunks

Models clockwise: Joey Mead, Wilma Doesnt, Rissa Samson, Ornussa Cadness, and Phoemela Barranda

Preview Magazine: Louis Vuitton Trunks

Annette Coronel, Val de los Santos, Grace Tagle, and Raya Mananquil

Preview Magazine: Louis Vuitton Trunks

Sanya Smith, Isabel Roces, Ana Sideco, and Bianca Valerio

I’m seeing some Fall 2007 bags; Suhali Le Fabuleux and Olympe Nimbus. I hope US Vogue will do something like this, I really hate seeing actresses in their cover. Whatcha think?!

Images via Summit Media



  • tintin

    Wow, that pregnant model is very inspiring! She still poses even though she’s about to give birth! She’s amazing!

  • Emjay

    I have a copy of this magazine and I totally love it. Preview Magazine really do make amazing covers.. But they also use actresses more than models..

  • Anonymous

    Very beautiful! I agree with you Bengt, it’s definitely timeless.

  • –0–

    All of them are so pretty! And I’m so impressed with the pregnant lady!

  • Anonymous

    That pregnant model is Wilma Doesnt, she’s a veteran model in the Philippines and is known for having babies with unknown men. I don’t mean to be rude.. 😀

  • rio

    These photos are beyond stunning! This is a wake up call for US Vogue.. It’s a slap on Anna Wintour’s face coz they got beaten by a magazine from the third world!

  • Mara

    This proves that Filipinas are the most beautiful women in the world! And i’m proud to be a Filipina!

  • Anonymous

    That model is beautiful even though she’s pregnant..

  • Philippe

    Philippines’ got some chic models.. they’d gonna go far if they try their luck in Paris..

  • Anonymous

    Their hairstyles look so cute!

  • Anonymous

    I saw this issue last year.. I thought it’s FHM.. haha..

  • Desiree

    ^^^ OMG! Don’t compare Preview with FHM! Preview is high fashion, FHM is slutty!

  • Anonymous

    Ferosh x 13!!!

  • Dante

    I’ve never seen nude girls looks so classy and elegant! I love this so much!

  • Anonymous

    ^^i agree with you dante, it’s the first time i saw naked girls looking more decent as those who are covered with designer clothes! Where can I get this issue?

  • Anonymous

    So chic!

  • Carla

    Hey Bengt, do you have a copy of this magazine?

  • Bengt

    ^ To Carla:

    No, I don’t have a copy of this issue but next week, I’d go to some newsstands and hunt this down. Good luck to me! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Top models all in one cover! WOW!

  • Marco

    This cover is the most beautiful one i’ve ever seen.. The girls are so pretty (even the pregnant one).. Very timeless and classy indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Chic to the fullest!

  • Anonymous

    All the models are so beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    “No runway ready at the office,they are not photogenic.”