Ring the Alarm! Louis Vuitton Robbery!

Louis Vuitton Fifth Avenue New York Window Display

Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue, New York. Window display. [enlarge]

As what I’ve said in my interview for Styleranking few weeks ago, since I was a kid, I really dream of becoming a secret agent like James Bond! I love the rush and excitement. The spying, the breaking in, the shooting, explosion and more! So cool! But if you’re wondering what’s the connection between my secret obsession and Louis Vuitton, well, the photo says it all!

This season, as a whatchamacallum for the launch of the Damier Graphite collection, Louis Vuitton has dressed up their stores, specifically the flagship at Fifth Avenue New York with a really cool heist-like concept. It features two windows with a Damier Graphite bag in a museum-like glass case, surrounded by tons of Big Brother-like security cameras pointing at it. The other window shows the same setup but it’s already broken into, shards of glass on the floor, the bag missing and the security lasers prancing like crazy. I just wish I’m able to view this stunning sight! According to WWD, the concept proved too real for some. Police officers even entered the boutique to investigate the broken glass thinking it was true.

Louis Vuitton Fifth Avenue New York Window Display

Every Louis Vuitton boutique must have this concept for their window display, check out Oslo’s window:

Louis Vuitton Oslo Window Display

Louis Vuitton Oslo, Norway. Window display. [source]

Thanks to freshmess for this photo! It’s so fun, I wanna change into my spy suit and break in! I wonder what’s in display at Champs-Élysées. Calling my Parisian readers, can you get me a snapshot of the LV Mothership? Thanks a million!

Image via WWD, freshmess, Frank Bradford


  • deluxeduck

    this is my favourite LV window display to date!

  • freshmess

    i agree with deluxeduck, this one is a favourite.

  • Bengt

    ^ Hey freshmess! Sorry, I haven’t asked your permission on the photo coz I want to steal it from you! lol.. Ring the alarm! 😀

  • Anonymous

    very cool display! lovin’ it.

  • freshmess

    it’s ok, bengt! you’ll just have to do some public service for me some other time. haha!

  • Bengt

    I’m so scared with that public service thingy.. Haha.. What could it be?!

  • johnnie

    I’m from NYC and I love LV window display! I passed by 5th Avenue and it’s just so cool!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah awesome display. They had the same theme in Gold Coast, Australia, with gold video cameras and a bag & shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I did that concept as a student back in design university over 20 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    It was a robbery in LV in Oslo yesterday, i do not know if the only stole the damier graphite.

    Check out the video from Norwegian news;