Sneak Peek: Quilted Monogram Bag

As of now, there’s only little information about this new and upcoming bag. AnnabelleP from tPF has kindly posted a photo of the “Quilted Monogram Bag” from the Neiman Marcus catalog. It’s listed as “Brown quilted monogrammed canvas and tan calfskin accessories”.

Brown quilted monogrammed canvas and tan calfskin accessories

Here’s the part you want to hear.. the prices! The bag costs a staggering price of $3,500 while the wallet costs $895. They sure are very expensive, but as of now, the prices are tentative (as well as the name) and are still subject to change. I’ll be updating you soon about this bag when more information surfaces.

UPDATE: The Monogram Etoile bags are now available. Shopper Monogram Etoile. Bowling Monogram Etoile.

Image via AnnabelleP from tPF

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  • agnesG

    It’s very beautiful!!! But the price is a turn-off.. Oh well, I’ve got to see this bag first in real life before deciding to buy it or not..

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of Chanel.. Very elegant quilt..

  • Cassie

    Whoa! The price is outrageous!

  • Jen

    Any news when this would come out? I’m really in love with it!

  • Bengt

    Hi Jen! I still have no info about this bag. But I’ll update you about the bag’s name, prices, release dates and other details soon. It’s really good to hear that you love it! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I just got the bag and unsure I am going to kept it. It is so big – does anyone know if it comes in a smaller version. I am talking about the etiol quilted leather shopper.

  • Bengt

    ^ Really?! There’s a smaller version called the Etoile Bowler. I’m really interested to see it. Can you send me a pic? Thanks so much!