Spring 2008 Catalog and E-Store Landing Page

I know you always visit Louis Vuitton’s website as much as I do and we always seem to be very focused on what bag/accessory to find that we somewhat ignore these people in the Catalog and E-Store landing pages. If you have no idea who I’m referring to, well, here they are:

Spring 2008 Catalog and E-Store Landing Page
Spring 2008 Catalog and E-Store Landing Page

Honestly, I myself ignore these ‘Landing Page’ models but I really do think they’re really lucky coz from all the models from the Spring 2008 Catalog, they are the ones chosen to represent the season’s ideal Vuitton Man and Woman. And we always see them ALL THE TIME! Lucky lucky lucky!

It’s almost Fall and these Spring 08 Landing Page Models’ contracts would soon come to end and new faces will be put into the website. I’d thought of giving them this post as a tribute so that we won’t forget their legacy! Cheers to the Spring 08 Landing Page Models!

P.S. I can’t wait to see the Fall 08 Landing Page Models! I’m so excited!

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous

    Me too! I’m also excited for Fall!