Taking Care: Monogram Denim

Taking Care: Monogram Denim

The Monogram Denim line is a collection of bags made from carefully selected very high quality cottons making the items both supple and stong. The “used” effect of the Monogram Denim canvas is achieved by bleaching and stonewashing it, giving it a distinctive and “vintage” look.

The Monogram Denim is considered to be a genuine pair of stonewashed jeans. Because of this, there are some small differences in color on the same canvas or from one product to another. The “used” effect given intentionally by the stonewash will become more visible with time. Also, the softness of the canvas which is enhanced by the stonewash, may create some slight variations in the position of the Monogram pattern. All these specifications are normal and inherit to the Denim and to the stonewash process.

Here are the recommended care instructions so that you can enjoy your denim bag or accessory for many years.

Tip #1:
Like your normal pair of jeans, the Denim is highly vulnerable to abrasion and scratches so it is recommended to keep your bag away from abrasive surfaces.

Tip #2:
Protect your bag from humidity and avoid direct and/or prolonged exposure to sunlight or to any direct heat source as the color of the canvas might fade.

Tip #3:
When not in use, store your bag in the felt pouch/dust bag provided with your purchase to protect it from dust, insects and other nasty and harmful elements.

Tip #4:
The Monogram Denim canvas is water-repellent. In case of superficial stains, clean it by wiping it with a slightly dampened and light cloth avoiding the contact with leather pieces.

Tip #5:
As a genuine pair of jeans, the blue color is very sensitive and may slightly release. That’s why it is highly recommend to avoid contact with light-colored objects or clothes especially in a wet environment.

Tip #6:
In the event of a problem, do not hesitate to contact any Louis Vuitton store to be able to receive further support from the setback you are experiencing.


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