Taking Care: Monogram Vernis

Taking Care: Monogram Vernis

The Monogram Vernis line of city bags, clutches and luggage are inspired by the spirit of Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear collections because in 1998, the creation of the Monogram Vernis line came along with the appointment of Marc Jacobs as the Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton.

Monogram Vernis is a vivacious, sparkling, ultra-feminine fashion line. It’s made from Patent calfskin leather in a range of unusual, subtle colors that highlight the famous Monogram canvas pattern. Special tanning techniques are applied to the leather to achieve it’s glossy and sophisticated look and making it resistant to abrasion and scratches. Here are the recommended care instructions so that you can enjoy your patent leather bag or accessory for many years.

Tip #1:
The Monogram Vernis is very delicate. Color transfer is a known issue with this type of leather so avoid prolonged contact with any materials that may transfer their color pigments onto the patent leather such as magazines and other types of leathers.

Tip #2:
If your Vernis bag or accessory is not in use, you may store it n the felt pouch or dust bag provided with your purchase to protect it from dust, insects and other harmful elements.

Tip #3:
You should keep your bag or accessory dry at all times and protect it from direct sources of heat such as radiators, microwave oven, inside of cars in summer, etc.

Tip #4:
Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight, the color of your patent leather piece may fade.

Tip #5:
Keep your Monogram Vernis bag or accessory away from grease and make-up because the patent leather will absorb it that would cause damage.

Tip #6:
Some small dark grains can be found under the varnish due to the manufacturing process. There’s no need to worry ‘coz this does not affect the quality of the product.

Tip #7:
To clean your bag, wipe it with a soft and dry cloth.

Tip #8:
In the event of a problem, do not hesitate to contact any Louis Vuitton store to be able to recieve further support from the setback you are experiencing.

I hope these tips would help you in taking care of your bags and accessories. If you have any tips about the Monogram Vernis that you want to share, you may comment or contact me anytime.



  • Jessa

    Thanks for this guide! I can’t wait to read more..

  • Anonymous

    What name of Louis Vuitton Bag with mat leather in Black colour. It already discontinue version?

  • Bengt

    ^ Its called the Monogram Mat, and it’s a discontinued line. 😀

  • Dori

    What is the best way to take care of embossed suede?