Update: Etoile Collection


I’ve been able to gather some new info about the upcoming quilted monogram bags. So there are two bags and a wallet from the collection. The first bag is called the Etoile Matelassé Shopper which is priced for a whapping $3,500 while the other one is called Etoile Matelassé Bowler that costs $2,950. I still dunno the wallet’s name but I guess it would be called Etoile Matelassé Wallet which would retail for $895. It really is very expensive but as what you’ve read in my last post, Louis Vuitton staff said that “the price of the hardware is driving up the price, they are also aiming to make the monogram line more high end in this specific collection.” The Etoile Collection will debut in Louis Vuitton stores on October 1, 2008.

UPDATE: The Monogram Etoile bags are now available. Shopper Monogram Etoile. Bowling Monogram Etoile.