Update: Quilted Monogram Bag from Etoile Collection

Quilted Monogram Bag

Brown quilted monogrammed canvas bag, and wallet. Nieman Marcus Catalog

In my old post about the upcoming bag tentatively called “Brown quilted monogrammed canvas bag“, there’s really not that much of an info… Just a low quality image of it but now, I’ve gathered some nice tidbits about this sexy bag. According to a source from tPF, this quilted bag is from the upcoming Etoile Collection. The bag in the photo is called the Etoile Shopper which measures 16″ x 10″. There is also a smaller style or another version (i’m really unsure) which can be seen here which costs $2,950. If you’re wondering why that expensive? Well, Louis Vuitton staff said that “the price of the hardware is driving up the price, they are also aiming to make the monogram line more high end in this specific collection.” Well, that’s definitely high-priced but it sure is a gorgeous looking bag. More updates soon!

UPDATE: The Monogram Etoile bags are now available. Shopper Monogram Etoile. Bowling Monogram Etoile.

Image via Nieman Marcus



  • Faye

    Thanks for the updates! I really like this bag but the price is such a turn off!

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a quilted version of the Griet.. I love it! I hope the price would go down to 2K+ but I doubt it..

  • ken

    Thank you for the info! I love your blog.. it’s very informative!

  • freshmess

    This line looks so lush.

  • cindy

    The car reminds me of the Spring/Summer 08 campaign..