Update: Upcoming Bag Designs

Upcoming Bag Designs

, a fellow tPF-er has kindly tipped us at tPF about some details on the new bags that would be coming out later this year. There would be new colors, designs, and sizes that would surely spark up your interests.

Multicolore Greta – The Greta would be the latest addition to the Monogram Multicolore line of city bags. According to linds0262, Greta is studded with vachetta (even more than what the Galliera have). “There are two slabs of vachetta with a hardware buckle on each side going down the bag with lots of vachetta on the bottom as well.” I’m quite confused with her description but I guess she really has a serious vache issue! 😀

New Suhali colors – There would be two new colors for the Suhali leather line of bags and accessories. There’s the Bronze and Chrome. linds0262’s SA described the Bronze as a bit toned down and the Chrome as almost black with a little sparkle tinge to it.
UPDATE: Bronze and Chome are now available.

Patent Mahina XL – This new bag addition to the Mahina collection is made from patent leather and costs approximately $3000. It’s really expensive! The Patent Mahina XL is part of the Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2009 collection and here’s a photo of it.

Mahina L – The L is a the newest size for the Mahina. It’s shape is the same as the XL but smaller in size. It’s coming out early in September in two colors; Elephant Black and Maroon.
UPDATE: Mahina L is now available.

New Vernis colors – New colors (in neon) would be added to the Vernis line. These are Pink, Lime Green, Orange and Bright Turqouise Blue. These colors would be released in early Spring.

Return of the Miroir – By December or holiday season, Miroir Alma would be back in circulation, which would come in Gold and Silver.

New Mini Lin color – The Platine would be the newest color of the Mini Lin bags. It looks identical to Ebene but has a tint of a dark olive green color.
UPDATE: Platine is now available.

New Inclusion colorBrown will be added to the colors of the Inclusion, a line of fancy jewelry.
UPDATE: Brown and Praline now available.

Well, that’s it for now. If you know more detailed info about the upcoming bags, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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  • Qbarr

    I’m excited for the Pink Vernis.. that would be totally sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info!

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait for these bags to be released!

  • Anonymous

    WOW !!!
    neon colors….that will be delightful !!!
    i cant wait!