Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog Part 2

I’ve left you hanging last time with the first few pages of a vintage Louis Vuitton catalog. So here’s the continuation and expect more stunning photos of historic LV pieces! Some of them are still up to now being produced but most have been discontinued. Search your granny’s closet and maybe you’ll find one of these precious pieces!


Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog

Le Sacs de Ville or The City bags looks really simple and elegant. The shapes are really basic and some bags looks similar to today’s designs.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog

These bags are the also part of the Le Sacs de Ville collection. The bag at the center looks really interesting. The flap is made from Monogram canvas and the body looks like it’s made from leather. Very parisian chic!

Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog

The Sports Bags are really very cool! You can see the iconic Papillon and other familiar looking bags. I never thought that the Papillon is a sports bag!

Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog

The belts look so cute! As well as the Sac Plat and that other shopper bag. The poche is also very noticeable.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog

The toiletries before looks still the same as what they are today. I wonder what are those cylindrical thingies are for? Maybe toothbrush holders?

Vintage Louis Vuitton Catalog

I’ve got to have that badminton racket holder! So cool! And also the Sports bags, very interesting!

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Images via Versailles-JP

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  • Anonymous

    That was great! Thanks for posting it up or else I would have never seen it!

  • Becky

    I can’t wait for the Part 3!

  • Anonymous

    Hi there!!
    I believe that I may have one of the above items?? One of the sac de ville range. Is it possible for someone to confirm my suspision???
    Paul. e-mail:

  • Lavinia

    thank you for showing this catalog, this is amazing! I have just purchased the pochette dame that is on the catalog, can you send me the fourth page named "…et les autres sacs" in order to see it better?
    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Wow!..I found out that yes, my LV zippered pouch does exist and not as everybody told me,… thanks for posting this.


  • synge

    could you send me a larger image of the badminton LV page please.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I just bought one the Le Sacs de Ville collection (photo 2). The interesting bag in the center. The flap is made from Monogram canvas and the body is leather. A lady was selling her mom’s vintage LV purse purchased in Paris summer of 1983. The purse is in very good condition for it’s age. I purchased it for $100! I LOVE it!!

  • bean chambers

    I have one of the ,Le Sacs De Ville, the long envelope one, What is it worth? Is there a bigger picture of that catelog picture? tx

    • Shante

      I dont know what its worth but I have one too….!