Who Wears It Better? Keira or Anabela

Who Wears It Better? Keira or AnabelaWho Wears It Better? Keira or Anabela

Who wore the Louis Vuitton’s Fall 08 Wool Dress with Embroidered Neckline better? Keira Knightly or Anabela Belikova?

Well, I’m so indecisive right now. I honestly can’t compare. The dress looks gorgeous in both of them. Anabela looks very Parisian chic while Keira’s got that feel old Hollywood glamour. I love ’em both! The Wool Dress is featured in US Vogue’s September 2008 issue with Keira Knightly on the cover along with other LV Fall items so you might want to grab a copy. Click Keira’s photo to view it in it’s full HQ glory.

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • henlie

    Wowza! Is that Keira?! She’s stunning! Of course, Keira rocked the dress!

  • Anonymous

    Keira’s drop dead gorgeous.. Anabela looks silly with that hat.. lol.. 😀

  • irene

    LMAO, i totally agree with the hat.. it’s ridiculous! Kiera’s so pretty. I’d definitely buy that dress!

  • Anonymous