Battle of the Ostrich: Speedy vs. Stam

Louis Vuitton Ostrich Speedy and Marc Jacobs Ostrich Stam

Two of the most coveted ‘it’ bags of all time comes head-to-head in a look alike battle. Well, it’s actually not a battle coz they’re both winners, don’t you just love them?! Personally, I really want to raise ostriches and start a label using the exotic ostrich leather. Dayum!

Anyway, the iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy and Marc Jacobs’ Stam has been reincarnated into their new pink ostrich lives. The Speedy’s shape looks similar to that of it’s Watercolor sister while the Stam is still Stam but the sunburst design replaced the staple quilts. Both bags looks stunningly gorgeous! If you’re interested with the Ostrich Stam, lucky you coz it’s available at Net-a-Porter for $5,500! But if you’re dying to have the Ostrich Speedy, chances are you can’t find any but try calling 866-VUITTON to be sure. The Ostrich Speedy is available for a whapping $13,000. Now that’s exotique!



  • Catherine

    I’m currently saving up for the Ostrich Stam which really costs a fortune but I think it’s worth it! It was a good thing I missed the Ostrich Speedy coz I didn’t know it’s $13000!