Britney Spears’ Shimmer Cométe

Good morning Upper East Siders Louis Vuitton lovers, Gossip Boy here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite celebrities.

Spotted! Britney Spears arrives at the Little Red Door Restaurant for dinner in Hollywood last Thursday night. And if you ask what she carried? Well it’s just Louis Vuitton’s newest addition to their collection, the Monogram Shimmer Cométe in Peach. Looking good you say, I say looking hot!

Britney Spears' Shimmer Cométe

And who am I? That’s the secret i’ll never tell, I know you love me!


Gossip Boy

Image via Just Jared


  • Gossip Granny

    haha! i love you gossip boy!


    Gossip Granny

  • Bengt

    ^ Lolz, thanks grandma.. I hope Gossip Mom loves me too! Haha..

    Gossip Boy

  • Anonymous

    I always see her using the Comete all the time! All of her paparazzi pics! She must love the bag!