Louis Vuitton Embossé Belt

Louis Vuitton Embossé Belt

This just in! Spotted: Embossé Belt. Where? At Louis Vuitton! This week must be the “Louis Vuitton Belt Week” coz belts has been released for like everyday! As of the moment, I’m loving every one of them!

You may remember my post ‘Upcoming: Louis Vuitton Fall 2008 Belts‘ where I featured some of the belts that would released this Fall and one of them is the Embossé Belt. As it’s name implies, the Embossé is a hand-crafted belt made from extremely smooth, supple Calf leather which carries an oversized embossed Louis Vuitton Paris signature all around its strap. It’s the belt version of the upcoming Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy Mini and Cube that would be out next week. I really like it a lot but I’d love it more if the embossed letters would be deeper, but I guess I can’t tell coz I haven’t seen it in real life so I’m hoping for the best!

The Embossé Belt comes in two colors; Black and Brown. As of now, prices are still unavailable.

Louis Vuitton Embossé Belt

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Kevin

    Oh, this is one belt I would not mind buying! The damier or monogram canvas belts are just a bit too much for me. But this is cute:-P

  • Anonymous

    I love this!!!!!