Louis Vuitton Monogram Shimmer Cométe

Louis Vuitton Monogram Shimmer Cométe

This just in! The Shimmers are now online! I’ve seen these bags tons of times before but in high-res, it’s just stunning! But did you ever know what the inspiration for the Shimmers are? Well, they’re inspired by the powdery colors of the make-up! That’s why there’s these shimmery thingies that’s embedded to the leather, very magical. There are two bags from the line, the Halo and the Cométe. I’d be talking about the former later today. (I’d still be going to school..)

The Cométe is a really soft and feminine bag in light-reflecting Monogram embossed shimmer calfskin leather that is so comfortable and very stylish to hold your “girl thing” essentials. If you think that all leathers are stiff, well think again!

The common denominator of the Fall bags are their tassels. Not all, but most of the bags has these tassels accentuating the whole look. Louis Vuitton describe it as a “pompom charm with jewelry-like links“. If you’re wondering whether the tassel’s metallic pieces would weigh the bag down, surprisingly it doesn’t. My friend LVMode was able to try on the Cométe and she said it’s really light, very supple and shimmery! Good review!

The Cométe has Louis Vuitton engraved silvery metallic pieces, zip closure with straps for easy opening and closing and one inside flat pocket. It measures 12.6″ x 7.1″ x 8.6″ and comes in 2 colors; Silver and Peach. Available at Louis Vuitton for $2,260. *gasp*

This is really it! The Fall bags are slowly being introduced! I can’t wait for them all to be released!

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Marla

    You’re right, the tassel is not heavy at all! I was able to try it a while ago! I didn’t get the Comete but I did waitlist myself to the Halo which is so gorgeous!!

  • Anonymous

    I this the bag Britney carries?

  • Jedd

    ^ yeah!

  • Anonymous

    yupp, britney+jamie lynn use it a lot..
    at first i thought it was ugly then when i saw the real one it’s nt that bad.. haha..

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