Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy Cube

Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy Cube

Fall/Winter 2008-09 kicked off with a bang after the release of the Monogram Shimmer bags, then 2 weeks later, the Monogram Suede Embossed bags were released and now, before the month ends, the third batch of Fall bags are now out out out! The Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy comes in two sizes; Mini and Cube.

So first off, let’s have a look at the Speedy Cube. We all know that the Speedy is one of the icons of Louis Vuitton. It has been reinvented so many times-this collage might give you an idea-and on it’s nth reincarnation, the Speedy goes urban! The Speedy Cube is made from smooth black leather embossed with ‘LOUIS VUITTON PARIS’ that covers the whole bag and has features reminiscent of the trunks of yesteryear. With it’s clean cut and structured shape, the worlds of luxury and urban chic seems to have combined.

As for the bag’s specs, it has these white golden brass pieces that outlines the bag in metallic detail. Like the other Speedies, it has a wide zipper closure that can be locked using a Louis Vuitton engraved padlock. The keys are hidden in the metal trimmed key bell that is removable so if you think it’s hassly, just give it a snap and its gone gone gone. The Speedy Cube can be hand-held or carried on the shoulder or across the body thanks to the removable and adjustable leather strap with vintage lock. And the thing that’s really cool with this bag is that it has protective metal bars on the base for protection.

The Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy measures 11.8″ x 8.6″ x 7.9″, available at Louis Vuitton for $2,910.

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Cyndra

    I saw this at the store and its so pretty! But I’m on a purse ban ’till January. I hope I can hold onto the ban. 😀

  • Macy

    So beautiful! I love your blog Bengt! Keep it up!

  • bcbg

    I think this bag would look far more better if the hardware was silver..

    • the hardware is chrome on the authentic one check Saks…you’ll see

  • Bengt

    ^ I agree with you bcbg! Silver hardware would be stunning.. sigh..

  • Anonymous

    I’m not feeling love with this bag. It looks bulky!

  • heidi

    Hey anonymous, it’s actually not bulky. I’ve tried this bag at the LV store in 5th ave. and its just like the ordinary Monogram Speedy. It just looks bulky because of the large embossed letters but actually, in real life, its not. I hope I made it clear! 😀

  • Bengt

    ^ To Heidi:

    Thanks for the tip! So, did you buy it?

  • heidi

    Bengt, no, I didn’t buy it coz I plan on having the quilted Etoile bag for this season. I’m really excited for the release!

  • Bengt

    ^ To Heidi:

    Wow, go for gold! The Etoile bags are really gorgeous! Congrats in advance!

  • Anonymous

    I can wear this without the strap.. it looks silly.. haha

  • heidi

    Thanks Bengt! 😀

  • Keleigh Starr

    I just purchased this bag as a brothday gift to myself and I am in love. I purchased a black Gucci (speedy style) bag a couple of month ago but this makes the Gucci look like something from Target lol!

    This will be my last one for 2008…. hopefully.

  • Bengt

    ^ Wow Keleigh! Congrats on your Speedy Cube! I bet you love it so much.

    Your comparison with the Gucci bag’s so funny! Lolz.. So, the Speedy Cube do really looks stunning! 😀

  • Bernice

    omgg totally in love with this bag!!
    sooo only the mini comes with silver hardware?! and the cube has to be in gold?! I still hadn’t gone to the stores to look at it!! I wonder how many will be made!! I hope they’d still have it in december!! Another thing, i saw it on the LV website but they took it off!! Do u know if theres a reason for that?!

  • Bengt

    ^ Hi Bernice, the Cube and the Mini comes in both "golden brass hardware". It's not made entirely from gold but it's only brass coated with golden finish. 😀

    I think that these bags will be available until this season ends, and i think they'd still be available this December.

    And as for your website concern, I've checked the US site and the bags are still posted. It's at Women > City Bags & Briefcases > Show Winter 08 – Louis Vuitton Paris Speedy.

    I hope I was able to help you! 😀

  • Bernice

    hmmm i think it was my internet haha.
    but i see it now! thanks!! =D
    yeahh i’m planning on going to the store soon!! =D its soo prettyy i want the bag soo bad! ^^
    thanks for ur info btw!! helped lots =]

  • Bengt

    I’m so glad I was able to help.. Do let me know some updates! 😀

  • e-Mimic

    Good bag! It’s limited edition.

  • Anonymous

    I received this bag (Speedy Black Cube) for Christmas and it is stunning! The metal is silver all over with a slight patina sheen when caught in the light. It is a large bag, but perfect for carrying everything from daily items, to extra travel items. I am in love!

  • Anonymous

    I saw a lady with a bag just like the Speedy Cube but instead of the words hers had the letters can anyone tell me were i can get one.


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  • tarra mckenzie

    Hello I was wondering how do u go bout ordering from website because tht speedy cube is Hot as Ever

  • Marvin Lawrence

    Where can I get this bag been trying since 2009.

  • Gaby Monroy

    Hi! I want to know if you have the price of the mini when it got out in 2008. The price here is just for the cube, but not the other one. Thanks