Louis Vuitton Damier PM Patch Agenda Cover

Along with the Monogram Patch Mini Pochette Accessoires, the new patch motif has also been used in Damier Agendas. Introducing the PM Patch Agendas in Damier Azur and Ebene. Whew! Tons of new stuff came out today and these Agendas are one of my favorites! 

Louis Vuitton Damier PM Patch Agenda

Crafted in Damier Ebene and Azur canvas, the silk-screen printed patch décor in these agenda covers pays tribute to Louis Vuitton’s rich history in a casual and trendy way. Stamped in these agendas are the icnonic Steamer bag, Louis Vuitton’s signature, a trunk and other vintage advertising visuals. Measuring 4.1″ x 5.7“, the PM Patch Agendas are available at Louis Vuitton for $340.

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • freshmess

    Aaaaargh, I want the azur pm, but i already have a damier pocket agenda! I hope this line gets extended to other SLGs and accessories!

  • Bengt

    ^ I fancy the Azur too! Sigh..

  • grace

    I really hate it when LV releases really beautiful pieces while i’m on my purse ban.. Grr.. I’m so tempted.. The Damier azur is prestine! It’s so cute!