Louis Vuitton Shopper Monogram Etoile

This just in! The Etoiles are out!

News about the Monogram Etoile bags came out last month when Neiman Marcus, an American Dept. Store featured the one them in its catalogue. And now, the bags are officially out!

The Shopper Monogram Etoile is one of the two bags from Louis Vuitton’s new and innovative line; the Monogram Etoile. This bag represents luxury and glamor with it’s unique quilts. Layers of Monogram Canvas were used which were thinner than the ordinary to achieve the perfect quilting pattern that is so precise, its sewn through the center of the same flowers from top to bottom framing the LV in the center of each diamond.

The bag’s sides can be resized using the adjustable leather straps to adapt to the capacity of the bag and create a pleated effect. Twist lock closure is used similar to the Beverly GM, with its hardware made from golden brass pieces. This shopper is not only spacious but also very light and comfortable to carry.

Louis Vuitton Shopper Monogram Etoile measures 16.1″ x 5.9″ x 10.6″ and is available at Louis Vuitton for $3,500.

Louis Vuitton Shopper Monogram Etoile

Image via Louis Vuitton

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