Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 Show: Fearless Forecast

Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 Show: Fearless Forecast

We all know that a Louis Vuitton show is somewhat (in a way) similar to a Marc Jacobs spectacle. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2008 shows can attest to that and that’s why I’m sort of nervous for the upcoming Vuitton show this October 5. I personally loved Marc’s Spring 2009 collection but if he would be using those cuts and fabrics especially the plaid and those maid-like aprons, ooh, I’m sort of giddy. But I must say that the silhouettes are very promising. So i’ve thought about this a lot and here’s my prediction for Vuitton’s Spring 09 show:

1. Flat straw hats
2. Fluid shapes
3. See-through metallic fabrics
4. Stripes
5. Aprons
6. Fringe
7. Gypsey meets Victorian inspired looks
8. Farmer meets Biker inspired looks
9. Lots of colors but mostly leans on the dark palette.
10. Lots of python skin
11. Jumpsuits
12. Patchwork bags
13. Plaid denim bags
14. Quilted bags
15. Most of the bags has tassles

I could be wrong but I just can’t wait for this Sunday’s show! I’m so excited!


  • Anonymous

    I’d die if I see plaid!! It’s not Vuitton!

  • Karen

    This is a very good prediction Bengt, I’ve been thinking about this too. When I saw Marc Jacobs’ Spring 09 show, I was both in love and scared. I was in love with the collection but scared that the inspiration might also be used for Louis Vuitton. I’m hoping for the best. I cant wait ’till Sunday!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Louis Vuitton and Lanvin would save Paris Fashion Week.. Dior was a disaster!

  • Bengt

    ^ I agree with you. I’m also rooting for LV and Lanvin. And as for Dior’s show, it was really disappointing. FW07 was the last time I loved Dior’s pret-a-porter. I hope angels would come down and inspire John Galliano.. tsk tsk tsk..

  • Anonymous

    ^ That would be interesting! Angels as John’s inspiration for Spring 09 couture! Haha.. that would be cool!

  • gensie

    I can’t wait to see the bags!

  • an angel

    I adore John,he is such a great talent. I wish him to have an angel coming down and inspire him.He really deserves that.